I suggest you ...

add keyboard shortcuts.

It would be awesome if there were some basic keyboard shortcuts. The one I'm looking for most is a way to jump to the chat line to start typing.

I'm a keyboard junky and it'd be helpful :)

Interesting keyboard shortcuts:
* Go straight to chatbox
* Turn off audible notifications
* Turn off desktop notifications
* Change room message

I'm sure there are others folks would want :)

Thanks, great product, I use it constantly and would be happy to donate if there was somewhere to do it.

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Ricardo Diaz shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
completed  ·  AdminPaul Duran (Admin, Blaze) responded  · 

Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for the great suggestions. There were already a few keyboard shortcuts:

  • alt-1 , alt-2 etc to go to the first room second room tab
  • alt-L to go to the lobby
  • alt-M to focus the chat box

But i’ve taken your other suggestions on board. The additional shortcuts added were:

  • alt-S to toggle sound notifications
  • alt-N to toggle desktop notifications
  • alt-T to change the topic for the room

Regarding up-arrow to repeat last line, I can’t add that exactly because it supports multi-line input and up arrow would need to move the cursor around the text box.

It’s also a bit more complex than the other shortcuts so i’ll have a think about how to add it (maybe ctrl-uparrow , ctrl-downarrow to cycle between messages or something)

Thanks again for the suggestion


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